I Made It!

Ally wanted me to sew her a little bag, after surfing around I decided to try and sew her a messenger bag. I kept the measurements pretty much the same except for the strap since she’s kind of small. It took me 4 long hours but finally, its done! And I must say it looks pretty good.


I love the bright colours of the fabric, my only regret was cutting off the little bird’s head off cos silly me didn’t give room for seam allowance. I lined it with a soft, fluffy material just to give it a more padded look. Want to know a secret? Ikea has some of the coolest fabric around, lots of unique prints with bright colors at an average of $10/m. I bought some of the thicker material for the bag, don’t think they will be ideal for clothes though since it’s quite rough.

I’m so happy with the way the bag turned out, oh and if you’re wondering why mine doesn’t have a squarish bottom, it’s because I haven’t figured out how to square the bottom yet and decided to give it a miss.


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2 responses to “I Made It!

  1. turn the bag inside out. on the bottom 2 corner sew a diagonal line across to create a triangle sewing pattern on the corners when u turn it out again it will have a base! hope my lousy instruction is good enuff for u LOL

  2. Don

    brava! wah! for a 1st timer, this is awesome! great job!

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