Doing The Unthinkable

I’m learning how to sew, yes that’s right, SEW. I was just given a sewing machine and decided that I should put it to good use. Anyone who knows me will realise that sewing and I just don’t go together. I have trouble cutting a straight line!

It’s been 3 days and I’ve made every rookie mistake there is to make. Tons of broken needles later, the only thing that I’ve managed to produce has been a pair of long pants for Ally. We shall ignore the fact that one leg is shorter than the other and that there is a small hole in the crotch area. It resembles a pair of pants and I’m mighty proud of it.

The sewing has taken me away from my computer so bear with me while I conquer this seemingly mammoth task. I hope to produce something half way decent that I can share with everyone. Till then, it’s back to figuring thread tensions and trying not to prick myself too many times with those darn pins.


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7 responses to “Doing The Unthinkable

  1. Till you figure out, can I sign up as your student! I love to sew by the machine for so long but then I can’t. I hope I got time for this too yah!

  2. joanna

    haha…v soon u b able to do it nicely!my sewin machine collecting dust!

  3. Don

    I had been wanting to learn how to sew too! Had always wanted to sew my own kind of top. But too lazy to attend proper sewing classes where the proper method is taught. Any shortcuts?

    • Sorry no short cuts at the moment! I’m still learning myself. I don’t use paper patterns though, instead I cut up my children’s old clothes and study how they are put together and then try to copy. All trial and error

  4. Jus

    Hey that’s great! I’m also learning how to sew properly… the other day my boy fiddled with the machine and all my stitches came out weird after that! Which machine are you using?

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