School Tour

I took Ally for her school tour yesterday, we were very excited, or rather, I was very excited for her. Despite the high school fees, we feel that this is the right school for her. The environment is clean, the teachers are all well spoken and more importantly, the children seemed happy.

I like the way the classrooms are set up, there are different corners for varies activities. Ally was immediately drawn to the sensory corner where two other girls were busy scooping and pouring rice. The library had a good variety of books and they teach the children how to read using the Jolly Phonics program.

The school teaches a lot of the academic curriculum through play which really appealed to me. There aren’t many worksheets ( thank goodness) and the teachers do an assessment of the children’s reading skills every few months. More importantly, parents are welcomed to volunteer in the school from term 2 onwards. It’s a small school, with not more than 15 children in Ally’s class.

We really hope that Ally’s going to adapt quickly and will be happy in her new school. 2 more months and counting!




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  1. Lavina Chong

    which school are you sending Ally to? I am thinking of switching Matty’s school next year too! (Matt is Lucas’ bro)

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