School and Insecurities

Ally will be starting school in January, I’ve finally found a school for her after months of research. We’re going for a kindy orientation tomorrow and ever since I’ve mentioned going to school, she’s been a bit insecure.

One thing about Ally, she hates surprises. If there is going to be a major change in her life or routine, you need to prep her way in advance. Now that she’s older and can vocalise her thoughts, it’s much easier. But I’ve noticed that she’s a bit more clingy, a bit more needy and a lot more whiny. I really hope that the orientation goes well tomorrow. It helps that a lot of her friends are already attending school so I use them as examples. She has said that she’s alright going on her own, but we’ll see. We’ve decided to let her bring her toy penguins to school, on the condition that they stay in her school bag. She can take them out for a sniff or a cuddle if she feels she needs them but other than that, they remain in the bag. I’m hoping that by letting her have her best friends in her bag it will make the transition much smoother.

As for me, I feel sad at the thought of not having her around in the mornings. But at the same time, I’m really excited for her. It’s a huge milestone, and I think I’ll find it just as hard to let her go.

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