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Teaching Your Child To Hold A Pencil

As much as Ally’s gross motor skills are advanced, her finer motor skills, especially pencil holding, are quite weak. I’ve bought tracing books, coloring books, painting books…. anything to get her interest. She shows in interest in tracing letters, scribbles 3 lines in her coloring books but seems to love her paint with water books.

For the longest time we have struggled with teaching her how to hold her pencil properly. She simply refuses to change her grip. Part of her problem was the way she held her pencil, it was so awkward that it didn’t allow her much contact with the paper. Finally I found a solution, thanks to this fantastic explanation.  I tried it and instantly her pencil grip improved tremendously.

We’re going to try coloring later on and see if she shows a bit more interest now that she can actually hold the pencils properly!


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Fun At Home

It was one of those mornings when the kids seem to have endless energy to burn. Everything made them burst out in hysterical laughter, all was right with the world and I was contented to sit there and watch them just be children.

She flies through the air, with the greatest of ease

Max was trying to squeeze into the Bumbo that I had taken out for Baby E


The Superhero is finally tired

So is Max

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Weekend Wandering- Part 2

Sunday mornings are usually spent at Max’s Kindermusik class. Matt and I take turns to accompany him each week. While one of us is in class, the other is usually wandering around with Ally. Most of the time we end up standing outside the toy shop watching “Thomas and his friends”

Max is very at home in the studio, he practically grew up there

Ally having fun with her dad

While the boys were in class, Ally and I went for breakfast

After their naps, we headed to my Grandparent’s place to hang out with the extended family. The children are very lucky to have so many relatives who love and care about them.

A grumpy Max just after his nap, check out the hairdo

Ally using her binoculars to watch tv

Watching TV hand in hand

Ally's favourite show of the moment

And that’s about it! Weekends sure fly by really quickly……

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Weekend Wandering- Part 1

Unlike most families, we try to spend our weekends at home. We are fortunate enough to have Matt around during the weekdays to spend time with the children and bring them out. We don’t have to battle the crowds and parking is always readily available.

The kids were having fun at home, playing with their home made shakers and trying to out shake each other.

1 plastic bottle + some beads = lots of noise and laughter

Once the kids were all shaked-out, we decided to take them to the airport. Granted the airport is crowded on the weekends, but at least its so vast that you don’t really feel the crowds, plus it’s the perfect place for a toddler to practice his walking skills.

Ally with one hand on her brother as usual....

Max was walking along when a stranger stopped to pick him up

Max enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny

Everything was facinating to him, he couldn't stop chattering and pointing

Ally was happy to play on the slide

Max was more interested in the fountain


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Sunny Days, Sweeping the Clouds Away……

It’s been a long time since Ally and I had a mother daughter day out. I decided to take her to the Sesame Street Live show as a special treat. Right up to the actual day, I was still in two minds if we should take Max along but decided that he won’t be able to sit through the whole show. While we were at the show, Max spent the day with grandma.

Keeping with the theme for the day

Thanks to Aunty Flo, we managed to get VIP meet and greet tickets, she even managed to snag us front row seats!

Her beloved penguins came along for the show

Her eyes were enormous when she saw Elmo walk in

She was thrilled to be able to show Elmo her shoes

I guess Ally really didn’t know what to expect, I did try to explain to her what it would be all about. She was very excited but grew quite shy when it was her turn to meet the cast.

The opening number

The minute the show started, she was completely absorbed in the performance. I was just as excited as her, especially when they opened the show with our favourite song! It was a classic Sesame Street song, I remember watching it when I was Ally’s age. Talk about generation gap, I remember the version with Grover and Madeline Khan, Ally remembers the latest version with Ernie and Elmo. We sang along to the “Echo Song” with gusto. She was giggling, laughing and having the time of her life.

The finale

The best part about having front row seats was that at certain points during the performance, the muppets would walk down the stage to meet the kids sitting right in front. Ally would jump right off her seat to hug them and run right back with a big smile. I love seeing how excited she was.

A very happy girl on the train ride home

I was happy that we decided to leave Max with grandma, Ally and I had a fantastic afternoon together. She had my undivided attention and though she missed her brother, I think she was happy to have Mama all to herself. As for me, I was happy to do big girl things with her without worrying if Max was wandering off, if he needed a feed or wanted to nap. Sesame Street is still magical for me, even after all these years. I’m glad that Ally loves them as much as I do.

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A boy And His Dog

Max loves our dog Neesha. In fact, one of his first words was ” Yi-sha!” Every morning, he’ll walk out from the room to look for her. I never leave the children unsupervised with Neesha, it’s not that we don’t trust her, she’s is fantastic with the kids. But kids are kids and sometimes they are a bit rough with her, especially Max. If she was to snap at him because he hurt her, can we blame her? To avoid any nasty accidents, they are always supervised.

Neesha, minding her own business

Along came a boy, who mistook her for a horse

Hmm.... this horse doesn't seem to move

The boy with a very cheeky grin

The boy realises that his "horse" isn't going anywhere anytime soon and decides to take a nap

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Look Who’s Eating!

Yes it’s Max! He’s finally beginning to enjoy his solid foods, today he devoured a bowl of Rataouille with spaghetti. It was a very messy process but lots of fun for him. The meal ended when we tried to throw his bowl onto the floor. While Max was busy with lunch, Ally was busy grooming her pet dog.

It’s always easier to let Ally have her lunch first, she can entertain herself while I supervise Max’s lunch. If Max finishes his lunch earlier than her, I spend my time trying to prevent him from taking her bowl off her table. Sometimes I wish I had 4 hands, it would make mealtimes a lot easier.

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