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It Happened Late One Morning

The children were busy amusing themselves and I had the urge to borrow Matt’s DSLR to take some pictures of them. I am totally clueless when it comes to photography, I usually get by with my little digital point and shoot. Anyway, some of the photos turned out rather well if I do say so myself.

Max using the hair brush as his "phone"

* In case any of you are wondering what he is wearing around his neck, those are Amber beads meant to relief teething pain. You can read more about Amber Beads here. Do they really work? I honestly have no idea, Max has been wearing them for two weeks now and he still doesn’t sleep through the night consistently so my verdict is still out on this one.

okay I have to admit, Matt took this shot not me!

I love watching them enjoying each other's company

It's a shame the book was blocking Ally's face but I love the way Max is looking at her

Mr Cheeky picking his nose

I'm so glad the children enjoy books as much as I do

Have a great weekend everyone!


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