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A Visit to Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon

We decided to take the kids to Underwater World and check out the dolphin lagoon at the same time. Matt was working so he met us a little later, luckily I had Grandma to help me with the kids.

Sentosa has changed their parking charges island wide, it definitely cost a lot more to drive into the island now. We were lucky to have free tickets for Underwater World, without the tickets, it would have been a costly afternoon as the admission fee for an adult is $22.90 and $14.60 for children (3-12).

The first thing we saw was a peacock, I remember seeing lots of peacocks at Sentosa during my childhood, sadly there aren’t as many of them around now.

The children had a fun time at the touch pools, Max was more eager to climb into the pool than touch the fish. Ally had lots of fun feeding the fish, I was surprise at how tame they are, many of them came right up and allowed us to pat them. Oh, there is a sign at the entrance of Underwater World, stating very clearly that there is no food allowed. Before we entered, I had given the kids a snack. Thinking that Max had finished his bread, we walked in. When I carried him over the touch pool, he was so surprised by all the fish that he opened his mouth to say something and the piece of bread that he had dropped out! It was gone in an instant cos all the fishes came right up to eat it. Oops!

Max enjoyed Underwater World a lot more than Ally, maybe it’s because its his first time there. We had taken Ally there about a year ago. We left for the dolphin lagoon which is just adjacent to Underwater world. While waiting for the show to start, grandma fed the kids their dinner since it was getting late. It was boiling hot under the canopy, the sun was relentless and there weren’t any fans. Max still seem to have endless energy, I chased him up and down the stairs and had to restrain him from climbing into the pool numerous times.

The fur seal show was very enjoyable, the seals were so cute! Both kids sat mesmerised and there is a photo taking opportunity at the end. I thought Ally would have wanted to get up close to the seal but she said no when I asked.

We had quite a wait till the dolphin show and by the time it started, the kids were beginning to tire. They loved the show though and sat quietly throughout. When I asked Ally if she wanted to touch the dolphin, she was very enthusiastic about it. I explained to her that she would have to go into the water by herself, but the trainer would help her give the dolphin a pat.

I purchased the photo token for $16 and Ally went to take her turn in the queue. She was so brave and followed the trainer’s instructions, we were so proud of her! She was definitely feeling very unsure, as you can see from the pictures.

I was worried she might slip and fall, thankfully they held onto her

She looked so tiny next to the dolphin

Max finally had a chance to stretch his legs after the show

The dolphin show ended around 6pm and by the time we had changed Ally out of her wet clothes, it was pretty late. We decided to head to Resorts World for dinner, it was a first for all of us.

The place was packed, even for a weekday night. I can only imagine how it is during the weekends. We ate dinner and Max fell asleep halfway. Poor boy was exhausted!

We ended the day with a trip to the candy store. As Matt and I were saying, the shop is so brightly lit and colorful that you feel happy just walking in. Ally loved the little shopping carts that they had and asked if she could take one home.

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