Teaching Your Child To Hold A Pencil

As much as Ally’s gross motor skills are advanced, her finer motor skills, especially pencil holding, are quite weak. I’ve bought tracing books, coloring books, painting books…. anything to get her interest. She shows in interest in tracing letters, scribbles 3 lines in her coloring books but seems to love her paint with water books.

For the longest time we have struggled with teaching her how to hold her pencil properly. She simply refuses to change her grip. Part of her problem was the way she held her pencil, it was so awkward that it didn’t allow her much contact with the paper. Finally I found a solution, thanks to this fantastic explanation.  I tried it and instantly her pencil grip improved tremendously.

We’re going to try coloring later on and see if she shows a bit more interest now that she can actually hold the pencils properly!


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3 responses to “Teaching Your Child To Hold A Pencil

  1. Jus

    Thanks for the site! Quite an innovative way to train a kid to develop a tripod grip, amazing! 🙂

  2. This post come in time. I am teaching Yvette on this area now!

  3. Don

    Hi !
    Loved this tip you had discovered. I had posted it on my blog and have put a link to you, hope you don’t mind.
    Thanks! 🙂

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