Always Bring A Plastic Bag!

I’ve had a very interesting and eventful afternoon. It started out innocently enough, Ally complained of a tummy ache before we had to leave for her class. Took her to the bathroom with no success, thinking it was a false alarm, I dressed the children and got ready to leave.

When we got into the cab, I noticed Ally was unusually quiet. She seemed very uncomfortable so I offered her some water. Max was in the baby carrier and pointing to the scenery outside. When I glanced over at Ally, she had buried her head in her toy and was trying to sleep. It was a very odd behavior for her, especially since she had just woken up from her nap. Anyway, I quickly fished out a plastic bag that I had and told her if she felt sick, to use the bag.

Less than a minute later, she bends over and vomits into the bag, part of it spilled out but thankfully, most of it went into the bag. 30 seconds later, a second wave hits her, this time, more violent than the first. Everything is coming out from everywhere, even her nose. The poor girl starts to cry and the whole front of her shirt is covered. In the meantime, Max has spotted the mess and is attempting to touch it with his hands! I grab the packet of wipes out of my bag and try to clean her the best I can, miraculously, none of it has stained the taxi. To my horror, I realise that I had just taken out her spare clothes, Max’s as well! There was no way she could wear her shirt so I stripped her with one hand and took out my nursing shawl to cover her body.

In the meantime, the plastic bag can’t contain the mess, I found an old poncho in my bag, opened it up and wrapped everything in it, hoping that nothing spills.

We alighted at Liat towers and I quickly ushered her into Zara to buy her a shirt. The security guard gave us a long hard look, I’m sure we were quite a sight. Ally was half naked with my nursing shawl around her, I was trying not to throw up cos I got so car sick moving around in the taxi trying to clean her.

I saw the first sales assistant and asked her to please find a shirt for Ally, anything plain and under $20. She said to me ” Hello Kitty?” and I answered, ” No, no Hello Kitty please, just plain.” We found a sweet blouse and quickly paid for it. By this time, my back was aching and head was spinning so we headed to Wendy’s next door for a drink. Lesson for the day, always bring a plastic bag and spare clothes!


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3 responses to “Always Bring A Plastic Bag!

  1. oh dear.. hope she is ok now..

  2. Don

    Oh dear! I can just only imagine!
    Take care both of you!

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