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Weekend Wandering- Part 2

Sunday mornings are usually spent at Max’s Kindermusik class. Matt and I take turns to accompany him each week. While one of us is in class, the other is usually wandering around with Ally. Most of the time we end up standing outside the toy shop watching “Thomas and his friends”

Max is very at home in the studio, he practically grew up there

Ally having fun with her dad

While the boys were in class, Ally and I went for breakfast

After their naps, we headed to my Grandparent’s place to hang out with the extended family. The children are very lucky to have so many relatives who love and care about them.

A grumpy Max just after his nap, check out the hairdo

Ally using her binoculars to watch tv

Watching TV hand in hand

Ally's favourite show of the moment

And that’s about it! Weekends sure fly by really quickly……

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