Weekend Wandering- Part 1

Unlike most families, we try to spend our weekends at home. We are fortunate enough to have Matt around during the weekdays to spend time with the children and bring them out. We don’t have to battle the crowds and parking is always readily available.

The kids were having fun at home, playing with their home made shakers and trying to out shake each other.

1 plastic bottle + some beads = lots of noise and laughter

Once the kids were all shaked-out, we decided to take them to the airport. Granted the airport is crowded on the weekends, but at least its so vast that you don’t really feel the crowds, plus it’s the perfect place for a toddler to practice his walking skills.

Ally with one hand on her brother as usual....

Max was walking along when a stranger stopped to pick him up

Max enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny

Everything was facinating to him, he couldn't stop chattering and pointing

Ally was happy to play on the slide

Max was more interested in the fountain


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2 responses to “Weekend Wandering- Part 1

  1. Jus

    Hey, you have weekend wanderings too! So nice to see them playing together, did Max get a shock when the stranger picked him up?

  2. He was a bit shocked but didn’t seem to mind. 🙂

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