Freezer Paper Stenciling Continued

I tried to be overly ambitious but retired my grand plans halfway through. This was the original plan, I wanted to stencil a monkey hanging on a branch holding a banana. Found an image that I could trace, was feeling pretty proud of myself till I started trying to cut it out and realised there were too many fiddly details. Blessed with severely sweaty palms, my monkey was a moist mess by the time I was finished. So it was time for plan B.

I had about half an hour, the kids were about to wake up from their nap. I had to find a simple image, large enough to cover the stains with minimal details. This is the end product.

It’s not perfect, the paint bled a little cos I was too impatient to wait for it to dry. But I like to think that there’s beauty in imperfection.


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One response to “Freezer Paper Stenciling Continued

  1. very cool! hw did u do it? i simpy got too much clothes w stain!! bahhhhhh

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