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A boy And His Dog

Max loves our dog Neesha. In fact, one of his first words was ” Yi-sha!” Every morning, he’ll walk out from the room to look for her. I never leave the children unsupervised with Neesha, it’s not that we don’t trust her, she’s is fantastic with the kids. But kids are kids and sometimes they are a bit rough with her, especially Max. If she was to snap at him because he hurt her, can we blame her? To avoid any nasty accidents, they are always supervised.

Neesha, minding her own business

Along came a boy, who mistook her for a horse

Hmm.... this horse doesn't seem to move

The boy with a very cheeky grin

The boy realises that his "horse" isn't going anywhere anytime soon and decides to take a nap

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Look Who’s Eating!

Yes it’s Max! He’s finally beginning to enjoy his solid foods, today he devoured a bowl of Rataouille with spaghetti. It was a very messy process but lots of fun for him. The meal ended when we tried to throw his bowl onto the floor. While Max was busy with lunch, Ally was busy grooming her pet dog.

It’s always easier to let Ally have her lunch first, she can entertain herself while I supervise Max’s lunch. If Max finishes his lunch earlier than her, I spend my time trying to prevent him from taking her bowl off her table. Sometimes I wish I had 4 hands, it would make mealtimes a lot easier.

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Freezer Paper Stenciling Continued

I tried to be overly ambitious but retired my grand plans halfway through. This was the original plan, I wanted to stencil a monkey hanging on a branch holding a banana. Found an image that I could trace, was feeling pretty proud of myself till I started trying to cut it out and realised there were too many fiddly details. Blessed with severely sweaty palms, my monkey was a moist mess by the time I was finished. So it was time for plan B.

I had about half an hour, the kids were about to wake up from their nap. I had to find a simple image, large enough to cover the stains with minimal details. This is the end product.

It’s not perfect, the paint bled a little cos I was too impatient to wait for it to dry. But I like to think that there’s beauty in imperfection.

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Freezer Paper Stenciling

Thanks to Mama J, I gathered up enough courage to try freeze paper stenciling and my first attempt turned out great! Well, okay, not great, but good enough by my standards. So this is going to be attempt no. 2. We had pasta for dinner last night and Max’s shirt managed to consume more sauce than he did. I waited too long to wash his shirt and now the tomato stains are here to stay.¬† I love that little shirt of his, its made from organic cotton so it’s super soft and comfy. Since I don’t have the heart to throw it out I’m going to try and save it by stenciling an image over the stains. Watch this space for the end results!


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