Chit Chat

Max has been babbling a lot recently and today he walked into the kitchen and said ” yisha!” which is actually ” Neesha” the name of our dog. At first I thought I heard him wrongly, but when Neesha walked out of the kitchen, he said it again ” Yisha!”  Later on when I was trying to feed him his medicine, he shook his head from side to side, put up his hand and said ” no nice!” I was extremely surprised and very amused at the same time.

Now that Max is starting to talk, we realised that he’s not the quiet boy we made him out to be. The noise level in our household has just gone up a notch.


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2 responses to “Chit Chat

  1. hahaha
    so cute!!!
    i will love to hear him talk!! lets see if he is more talkative than Ally!!!

  2. gina

    maybe he’s just like matt. talks selectively….

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