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Day of nerves and post-op update

Ally’s operation went very smoothly. It was an early start for everyone, we had to be at the clinic by 7.30am. She had to fast 6 hours prior to her surgery so it’s a good thing she was the first patient.

We spoke to her very briefly about the surgery. All I told her was we had to go to the doctor to have her nose cleaned and that she’ll have to sleep in order for the doctor to clean her nose. I reassured her that we’ll be right there with her the whole time. Thank goodness she is used to most thing medical and accepted my explanation.

Matt and I weren’t too nervous, we knew it would be a quick procedure and that she was in good hands.

A sleepy Ally

I knew what to expect after watching her go through her first operation. I knew that she would trash around once they gave her the gas to sedate her. Some children wiggle or move around uncontrollably. I prepared myself mentally for the moment that she was under and I would have to leave her alone in that big scary operating theater.

All changed and ready, she's holding a gift from her doctor

I had packed her favourite book and of course, her beloved penguins. While we waited for everyone to get ready, I read to her to try to keep her ( and myself!) calm.

I thought I was fairly calm but once the nurse called out her name, I felt this pit in my stomach. As I carried her into the operating theater, I had to tell myself to remain calm for her sake. She took a good look at all the people in scrubs and all the machinery, but not once did she cry. I placed her on the table and held the mask for her while coaching her to inhale slowly. It took less than 5 minutes before she was completely out. As I walked away, I felt the tears behind my eyes but I held them back. Thank goodness for Matt’s company, it definitely made me feel more reassured.

Needless to say Ally woke up screaming. It took a while for her to calm down and luckily she didn’t feel nauseous from the GA. She would whimper, then cry and then scream for a few seconds and after that calm herself back down again. The IV needle disturbed her, she wanted to pull it out as soon as possible. I read to her, sang songs and played with the camera taking pictures of her penguin. The nice nurses offered her cold Ribena which helped as well.

Groggy and just plain miserable, poor girl

We took pictures of her penguin to try to keep her mind off the IV needle

Her nurse had a wonderful way with Ally, he even drew a little face on the bandage after removing her IV needle

As the effects of the GA wore off, she started to act more like the Ally we knew. She even requested a ride on the merry-go-round which we happily obliged.

We were just so relieved that it was all over. One of the first few things she said was that she was able to hear us more clearly. That was music to my ears and it made the surgery all worth while.

Today is day 1 post-op, there is some swelling around her nose and eyes and lots of discharge which we had been told is normal. Ally is handling it all like a trooper. No complains, no whining. It must be annoying to have tears running down her eye and mucous coming out of her nose constantly but she takes it all in her stride.

Having fun at the playground a day after surgery

The swelling should subside within 3-5 days. I already noticed a difference in her breathing last night, she slept with her mouth close and didn’t snore! I’m so pleased with the outcome of the surgery. Now we’re just awaiting the results of her allergy tests.


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