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Baby led Weaning- Singapore version

When I was sourcing for information about baby-led weaning, I managed to find lots of tips and recipes. But none that really catered to our Asian way of cooking. Having to prepare to different types of meals for two children on a daily basis was tiring and a huge waste of time.

From my own trial and error, I’ve discovered a way to just cook 1 meal that both children can eat. One of my favourite things to cook is a double boiled soup with rice. It’s easy to do and everyone in the family enjoys it. I don’t own an electric double boiler, I just use a big pot filled with water and place a smaller soup pot inside. Put it to cook first thing in the morning and by lunch time, it’s ready to eat. The children love double boiled chicken soup with mushrooms and carrots. The meat and carrots are soft and tender enough for Max to eat on his own. I still feed him the soup cos I really can’t bear to clean up the mess.

Another method of cooking that I often use is steaming. With an electric steamer, it’s quite fool-proof. An easy and quick dish to make is steam fish with tofu. I add a couple of ginger slices to the fish and steam it in a home made chicken stock. Just add a bowl of rice/ porridge for a complete meal.

You can choose to braise meats to make them tender and easy for young children to chew. I’m definitely not a gourmet chef so if it’s easy for me, I’m sure anyone could do it. Nothing is more frustrating than slaving over a hot stove for hours to prepare a meal for the children only to have them push it aside after one mouthful. There are days when that still happens in our home, but at least I don’t feel such a heartache since it was easy to prepare and cook.

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