Testing Limits

Max has reached the stage where he tries to test his limits. He’ll do something he knows he’s not allowed to do, then wait to see if you’ll react. For example, he loves to play with Ally’s Crocs even though he knows he’s not allowed to play with the shoes. Once he hears you say ” No!” he hesitates for a minute and waits to see if you’ll follow on or let him off.

Max decides if he should carry on playing with the shoe

He then tries to take the shoe again, this time, smiling away thinking its all one big joke. So a more sever reprimand follows and this is the result.

But I want the shoe!!!

It's not fair!

And of course he looks so cute and so sad that you can’t help but give him a big hug. Once he has calmed down, we will repeat what we had told him eg, ” No shoe!” I find that when they are pre-verbal, short and simple messages work the best, well at least with my children.

A hug to make it all better

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  1. gina

    yes…Juen raises her hand with item and tells me TOE! I say NO DON’T THROW and she throws it with a smile.

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