Imagine That!

Ally is getting more imaginative as she gets older. Recently, she has started to make us become the favourite characters from her books.  This morning she decided that Max was “Lola” from her favourite books ” Charlie and Lola”. She started calling him Lola and then got angry when he didn’t respond to her. I had to keep myself from laughing cos she had such a serious expression on her face.  Even our golden retriever, Neesha, had a part in Ally’s fantasy, she was meant to be Marv, Charlie’s best friend. It didn’t matter to Ally that the genders were all mixed up.

This morning when we took Neesha for her walk, Ally started to sing a song that I didn’t recognise. I couldn’t quite make out the words, nor the tune. Turns out it was a song that she had made up by herself. The funny thing was, each time you asked her to sing it , it would sound slightly different from the previous time.  I love watching her use her imagination and sharing her fantasies with me.  It allows me a glimpse into her extraordinary and very fascinating world that only a toddler could dream of.


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