An Indoor Picnic

Ally loves picnics, or rather, she loves the concept of a picnic. So even though it was pouring with rain outside, we decided to hold a picnic indoors. The theme for today’s picnic? Fruits!

It started with just Max

"All these grapes just for me!"

Ally joined in after her shower

* I put the picnic mat the other way round cos it’s a lot easier to clean up fruit juice on this side.

The picnic food

Our picnic ended rather abruptly when Max decided it was more fun to throw the kiwi around rather than eat them. His table manners are still left to be desired.

After lunch, Ally had a rare treat, we let her have a mini chocolate ice cream all to herself.

The happy messy girl

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  1. What a great idea to have an indoor picnic!

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