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Baby Led weaning

I know I’m going to get a lot of flake for this post but I shall go ahead and write it anyway. I’ve written about my woes in trying to feed Max, you can read about it here and here. Since then I’ve taken to letting him decide how much he wants to eat at each meal. Trying to force him to eat what I thought was appropriate was upsetting him and stressing me out.

I first read about baby led weaning from here. It seemed to make sense to me and out of desperation I decided to try it out. After a few months I’m proud to say that meal times are a lot happier and ten times more messy. I give him a portion of whatever I’m cooking Ally for lunch, I just chop it into bite size pieces and let him feed himself. Once he starts throwing food on the floor, I know he’s full and I just take it away. His dexterity has improved tremendously and most importantly, I’m following his cues and not forcing him to eat when he’s full.

He has turned out to be a more adventurous eater than Ally.  I know lots of people will be concern that he’ll still be eating with his hands by the time he’s 10. Truth be told, we started to let Ally self feed around 8 months and before she turned 2, she was able to use cutlery to feed herself.

I shall let the pictures do the talking, the kids had spaghetti bolognese for lunch the other day. I cut up Max’s spaghetti into shorter strands and he had such fun with it.

He's actually enjoying his food

Ally wanted to eat with her chopsticks instead of a fork

Messy but effective

Baby led weaning is definitely not for everyone. If you’re worried about how much your child consumes at each meal, maybe its not for you. If you don’t like to clean up big messes, its definitely not for you. It works for Max and it works for our family cos it makes meal preparation a lot easier for me. I still spoon feed him certain meals especially if its porridge cos I really don’t fancy cleaning up a porridge covered living room.

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Trip to Fidgets

Max is starting to walk with a lot more confidence, he’s still rather unsteady on his feet and thinks running is a much better alternative to walking. Unfortunately he doesn’t realise that he has to walk before he can run and he has had lots of harmless falls over the last week. We decided to take the kids to Fidgets, Ally could run off her excess energy and Max could practice walking in a safe padded environment.

Fidgets can get rather rowdy, especially if there is a birthday party being held. Luckily for us, most of the kids were around Ally’s age or slightly older.  Ally likes us to accompany her on the play structures, Max on the other hand, is more independent. The minute you set him on the floor, he’s off on his own. He’s also rather fearless while Ally is more cautious.

All on her own

Max slides down tummy first, he loved the slide!

Up high in her rocket ship, as she calls it

Max loves to turn the gears

The older boy sat there watching him for quite a while

I tried to take a picture of both kids but it was impossible, someone was always moving!

After they had finished playing, all of us were tired and hungry, so what better way to stuff our faces than a seafood dinner at the restaurant nearby. Both kids were so tired they were asleep before 8pm.

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Just Mama & Ally

Today was a rare day that I had to spend with just Ally. We left Max with grandma while I took Ally to her play date. It was great just having time to ourselves, she was so sweet and affectionate, I could tell she enjoyed the undivided attention. Ally wanted to take a bus but we had to take a taxi part of the way due to the rain. I decided to take my camera out and she wanted me to take pictures of her beloved penguins.

Mr P & Mr P, also known as girl and boy haku ( don't ask)

Looking at this picture reminds me how quickly she has grown up

She was carrying her penguin on her shoulder to try and make him take a nap

Then it was Ally’s turn to use the camera, it wasn’t too bad considering it was her first try.

Her finger got in the way

Oops, finger still there

We had such fun together, I really need to make the effort to spend some time with each child individually. I feel so blessed to have my two little monkeys.

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A night out

We went to try out a new place at Central, usually I’m quite cautious when a restaurant says its cuisine is “fusion” to me it just means they are confused. Anyway, dinner really wasn’t too bad and Ally ended up eating most of my meal.

Ally was trying to pose

Slightly better

Tired of posing

Max was asleep

Our dinner, or rather, Ally's dinner

A very hungry Ally

Oh, if you’re planning to visit Ma Maison, it’s ladies night every Monday and you’ll get 20% your total bill! They have an on going family promotion as well, dads get a free glass of beer, mums, a free ice cream and the kids get a free toy each.

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Tutu Fun

There wasn’t much to do that Friday night so I pulled out Ally’s tutus and decided to have some fun. Before any of you gives me grief for dressing my son in a tutu, let me just say, it was purely for FUN and some LAUGHS. Don’t take it too seriously , please.

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The little walker

Max has started walking a little more now, his balance and confidence aren’t quite there yet but it’s so cute to see him “walking” around. It’s a cross between a penguin and a bear at this point in time. One of his favourite things to do is to push the stroller or chairs. We happen to be at the bakery while waiting for Ally to finish her Kindermusik class. Since it was empty, we put him down on the ground for some fun.

It's fun ( and noisy) pushing the chair around

The stroller was a bit more tricky.....

The photos are a little blurry since they are actually stills from the video that I took.  I remember being so anxious for Ally to start walking, with Max we’re a lot more laid back, like all children, he’ll walk when he’s ready to walk.

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More underwater pictures

I’m having a lot of fun with my underwater camera. It’s really difficult to capture good shots of the children even with my goggles on. Somehow I’m either too fast or too slow. These are a few of my favourites

My water baby


Max & Coach Sharon

Learning to use the kick board

Smiling away!

I’m really proud of my water babies, they are progressing so quickly and it’s great to see their confidence building each week.

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