Trip to Ikea

Our main intention of going to Ikea was to check out some shelves for the children’s play room. The minute we turned into the car park and she saw the familiar blue/yellow logo, Ally exclaimed ” We are at my favourite shop Mama!”

As usual the first thing that Ally likes to check out is the play area. She peeped in and asked if she was tall enough to go in and play with the other kids. The last three times we were at Ikea, she was still below the minimum height requirement. I checked with the lady and at the back of my mind I was thinking she wans’t going to cut it. Turns out, she had grown!

I quickly filled out the form and took a queue number. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if she was going to go in by herself. There were quite a few older children in there and I was worried she’ll feel intimidated. When our number was called, I explained to the lady that it was Ally’s first time and this kind lady took really good care of Ally. She stayed close to her and made sure she was alright. Matt and I hung around to see how she was getting on, once she stopped coming to the glass window to look at us, we walked away. But after 20 steps or so, I walked back again. I was obviously more nervous than she was, I really wanted it to be a pleasant experience for her since I know if it went well, it’ll be such a confidence booster.

I didn’t want her to see me so I hid behind a wall and just stole glances every now and then. I swear I heard an auntie that was sitting nearby let out a laugh in my direction. Watching her in the play area all on her own with the other children made me realise that she’s grown up. It made me a bit teary, I was so proud of her for going in by herself, yet at the same time a part of me felt this longing for her to remain my baby just that while longer.

We decided to grab a bite before the crowds came in, as usual the kids headed to the small play area in the restaurant.

It was actually cold enough that I had to dress the children in long pants and jackets

Max was very facinated by the displays in the ground

What’s a trip to Ikea without stopping by the toy section and kid’s furniture?

Max and Daddy playing peek a boo!

Ally found a friend to play cooking with

Max was trying to venture off on his own

My favourite picture of the day

We left Ikea with two happy but tired children, a bunch of small household items and no shelves. We decided to head home and ponder over the two that we’ve shortlisted which means we’ll be making another trip to Ikea pretty soon.

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