Just enjoying the simple things in life

After Ally’s gym class, we decided to take the kids to the botanical gardens. The weather was great, Ally cycled all the way to the swan lake to feed the fish. Max had fun tearing the bread into miniscule pieces and dropping them randomly on the floor. Think he was trying to reenact the story of Hansel & Gretel. Unfortunately I didn’t have the hands to whip out my camera and take pictures, was too busy trying to keep Ally from peddling her bicycle into the lake.

Since it was still early, we drove round to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. I really love this section of the Botanical Gardens, it is a great place for kids to spend the afternoon. We started off at the water play area but Ally felt cold after a while. Max took a while to get use to the jets but once he did, he didn’t want to leave. The tree house was another favourite with the kids, Max enjoyed walking on the sand while Ally sat on her picnic blanket and had a snack. We left just before the park closed at 7pm.

I love watching the children play, they are so good for each other. Ally is the more cautious, careful child, Max is the daredevil. He edges her to try out new things that she wouldn’t normally do alone while she makes sure that he stays safe.

We marveled at the trees, the plants and the waterfall, just enjoying nature and the company of each other.

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