How to make your child more adaptable?

If anyone has the answer to the question above, please let me know. You see, Ally has always been the sort of child that thrives on routine and familiarity.  I’m sure a lot of children are like that but she gets very upset and distressed when something changes.

Let me give you an example, recently there were some changes in the coaching team at her gym. Her old coaches were still there, but a new coach was added to the team. Unfortuntately, the new coach and her didn’t get off to a good start, first of all, I wasn’t there with her like usual. Matt took her, which is usually not a problem at all. She was happy and running around, then she tripped and fell, wasn’t hurt but the new coach ran over to her to see if she was alright and from then on, things went downhill. She burst into tears at the sight of an unfamiliar face. Since then, we’ve had 2 weeks of crying at the gym. Yesterday was slightly better than last week. We talked about the changes at the gym, the new coach and how we expected her to behave. She was good, till we stepped out of the car and she burst into tears. She managed to pull herself together and had a good time in the end.

I don’t know how much of it boils down to the child’s character. Ally has been this way for as long as we can remember and Max is Mr Go With The Flow. As she gets older, she’s getting slightly better, hopefully as she matures emotionally as well, she’ll be able to become more adaptable.

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