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I need more hands!

The kids and I were suffering from a case of cabin fever. We had been stuck at home for most of the day and everyone was picking up on each other’s bad mood. I decided to take the kids down to Paragon and let them burn off some energy at the playground on the 5th floor. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me so no pictures this time.

Since Matt was busy at work, I packed both kids into the Vibe and we took the MRT to town.  Like I said in my review, the Vibe is a huge stroller. Thankfully we boarded one of the newer train that had ample space for wheelchairs.

The kids were very well behaved throughout the long journey. Ally, as usual, asked a million questions a minute. We stopped at Ion to pick up some shoes. It was packed with people, Ally decided she wanted to walk and stretch her legs. Since she’s not one to run off without me, I agreed. We had to take the lift up and to get to the lift lobby, we had to go through these heavy doors. Usually I’ll open the door, usher Ally through and then push the stroller. As I was going in, this group of tourist with a double side by side pram were coming out. Instead of opening the door themselves, they decided to squeeze through the small gap that I had opened on my side. Come on, there are 7 of you in the group, can’t 1 person just hold open the door for everyone instead of squeezing with me? Our strollers got jammed in the narrow opening and I plainly refused to budge, she tried squeezing past but it was pointless, there just wasn’t any space. After they finally reversed their stroller, I asked Ally to walk through and told them that they should have opened the door on their side instead of squeezing with me or have the courtesy to wait for me to come through. In true Ally fashion, she asked ” why are you so angry mama?” and before I could answer her, she said ” oh that aunty was naughty”  So I explained to her the need to let others walk out of the lift first before rushing in.

By the time we reached the shop, Max was starting to fuss. I took him out of the stroller to have a wander around. While I was trying on my shoes, he decided that he wanted milk, Ally decided that she wanted to touch every single shoe in the shop. Thankfully the sales assistants were so patient and helpful. They entertained Ally while I fed Max and even brought the bill to me so that I didn’t have to disrupt Max’s feed.

We made our way to Paragon and by now the kids were starting to get hungry. Ally and I decided that we wanted Ramen so off we went. Feeding two children and trying to feed myself is no mean feat. I’m so grateful that Ally is able to feed herself so I can just concentrate on Max. Even then it was like a 3 ring circus, I had to cool the noodles down for Ally, get the waitress to cut up the noodles for Max, and quickly eat as much as I could in between. Max is now fairly competent in feeding himself, he loved the ramen, especially the char siew.  Whenever I’m alone with the kids, I always wish I had more hands during meal times.

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