Baby Led weaning

I know I’m going to get a lot of flake for this post but I shall go ahead and write it anyway. I’ve written about my woes in trying to feed Max, you can read about it here and here. Since then I’ve taken to letting him decide how much he wants to eat at each meal. Trying to force him to eat what I thought was appropriate was upsetting him and stressing me out.

I first read about baby led weaning from here. It seemed to make sense to me and out of desperation I decided to try it out. After a few months I’m proud to say that meal times are a lot happier and ten times more messy. I give him a portion of whatever I’m cooking Ally for lunch, I just chop it into bite size pieces and let him feed himself. Once he starts throwing food on the floor, I know he’s full and I just take it away. His dexterity has improved tremendously and most importantly, I’m following his cues and not forcing him to eat when he’s full.

He has turned out to be a more adventurous eater than Ally.  I know lots of people will be concern that he’ll still be eating with his hands by the time he’s 10. Truth be told, we started to let Ally self feed around 8 months and before she turned 2, she was able to use cutlery to feed herself.

I shall let the pictures do the talking, the kids had spaghetti bolognese for lunch the other day. I cut up Max’s spaghetti into shorter strands and he had such fun with it.

He's actually enjoying his food

Ally wanted to eat with her chopsticks instead of a fork

Messy but effective

Baby led weaning is definitely not for everyone. If you’re worried about how much your child consumes at each meal, maybe its not for you. If you don’t like to clean up big messes, its definitely not for you. It works for Max and it works for our family cos it makes meal preparation a lot easier for me. I still spoon feed him certain meals especially if its porridge cos I really don’t fancy cleaning up a porridge covered living room.


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