Trip to Fidgets

Max is starting to walk with a lot more confidence, he’s still rather unsteady on his feet and thinks running is a much better alternative to walking. Unfortunately he doesn’t realise that he has to walk before he can run and he has had lots of harmless falls over the last week. We decided to take the kids to Fidgets, Ally could run off her excess energy and Max could practice walking in a safe padded environment.

Fidgets can get rather rowdy, especially if there is a birthday party being held. Luckily for us, most of the kids were around Ally’s age or slightly older.  Ally likes us to accompany her on the play structures, Max on the other hand, is more independent. The minute you set him on the floor, he’s off on his own. He’s also rather fearless while Ally is more cautious.

All on her own

Max slides down tummy first, he loved the slide!

Up high in her rocket ship, as she calls it

Max loves to turn the gears

The older boy sat there watching him for quite a while

I tried to take a picture of both kids but it was impossible, someone was always moving!

After they had finished playing, all of us were tired and hungry, so what better way to stuff our faces than a seafood dinner at the restaurant nearby. Both kids were so tired they were asleep before 8pm.


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