Just Mama & Ally

Today was a rare day that I had to spend with just Ally. We left Max with grandma while I took Ally to her play date. It was great just having time to ourselves, she was so sweet and affectionate, I could tell she enjoyed the undivided attention. Ally wanted to take a bus but we had to take a taxi part of the way due to the rain. I decided to take my camera out and she wanted me to take pictures of her beloved penguins.

Mr P & Mr P, also known as girl and boy haku ( don't ask)

Looking at this picture reminds me how quickly she has grown up

She was carrying her penguin on her shoulder to try and make him take a nap

Then it was Ally’s turn to use the camera, it wasn’t too bad considering it was her first try.

Her finger got in the way

Oops, finger still there

We had such fun together, I really need to make the effort to spend some time with each child individually. I feel so blessed to have my two little monkeys.


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