Sibling love

Yesterday I was watching the kids through the window of the playroom and saw something that really touched my heart.

I had left a bowl of snacks for them to share and given them a drink each. Max had his regular bottle of water and Ally had juice. They sat opposite each other with the bowl between them and in between feeding herself, Ally would lean over and put a biscuit into Max’s mouth. After sometime, Max would take a biscuit from the bowl and offer it to Ally. Even at this young age, their love for each other is undeniable.  Ally even shared her precious juice with him, feeding it to him from her bottle. When some juice spilled on his chin, she wiped it off so gently.

We always stress the importance of their relationship, since day 1 we’ve told Ally that Max and her are siblings which means they have to look out for each other. I’m so happy that they get along  well and find great joy in each other’s company.

Ally was more excited than Max when he celebrated his birthday


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