Ally’s Surprise Party

We didn’t plan a big birthday party for the kids this year. Instead we invited a few of their friends over to celebrate. Ally had no idea her friends were coming over, we even managed to sneak her cake into the house without her knowing.

It was fantastic watching the excitement on her face as one by one her friends started arriving.  She was so happy that she couldn’t stop jumping around.

Ally was watching videos on my computer just before her friends arrived.

Once again Grandma cooked up a feast

It was just a simple get together of Ally’s closest friends and the kids had a marvelous time. Ally’s cake was incredible, I requested for a penguin theme and Aunty Glad more than delivered.

The penguin cake which the kids just couldn't keep their hands off

Ally obviously had too much fun, it was so hard getting her to bed that night and both kids slept so badly due to the excitement of the day.  It was worth all the effort seeing the joy on her face, poor Matt had to go and collect the cake at 10pm the previous night.


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  1. Happy Birthday to Ally!
    Edna n loads of penguins!

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