This is the way we brush our teeth

I’m very paranoid about Ally’s teeth. I’ve read too many horror stories of toddler tooth decay so since turned 1, we’ve brought her to the dentist religiously every 6 months. I’m the one who brushes her teeth  but most of the time she would say ” Mama I brush teeth by self”  We usually compromise, if she allows me to brush her teeth, then I’ll put a dab of toothpaste on her toothbrush for her to brush on her own.

I find it extremely difficult to brush the teeth at the corners of her mouth. In order to clean them properly, I need to gently pull up her lip. It doesn’t help that Ally has a strong gag reflex so I’ve got to be extra careful brushing the teeth at the back.

Just thought I’ll share some tips on caring for your child teeth:

– try to limit the amount of sweets / sweet drinks that your child consumes

– if possible, wean your child off night feeds, they are one of the major culprits of bottle rot

– don’t give sweet drinks/ juices in a bottle, encourage your child to drink from a cup.

– brush your child’s teeth twice a day, especially after the last milk feed at night

– a pea size amount of fluoride toothpaste is safe for children over the age of 1

Happy Brushing!


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