Happy Birthday Max!

My baby is officially a toddler. I can’t believe a whole year has gone pass. Sometimes I wish time would just stop and let me savor this moment with the kids.

We invited just a few friends over for some food and cake. Max really doesn’t understand that it’s his birthday, but it’s a great excuse for the adults to stuff our faces with food.

Max's cake, the figurines were all hand-made by the talented Aunty Glad

My birthday boy!

Max and his pals

Yummy food which was made with love by grandma

Max has been such a blessing, we can’t imagine life without him though at times I wish he’ll sleep better during the night! Happy birthday my darling.


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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Max!

  1. Jus

    Is it just me, or is the lucky little boy surrounded by a whole ground of girls? Happy birthday to him, and the cake looks so fabulous!

  2. Jus

    Hey there,
    I read your comment over at my blog, would you rather have me send you some of the freezer paper through normal post, to save you the time and trouble of having to hunt for it? If its for a kid’s T-shirt, it’ll be a pretty small design I assume, so you’ll only need a little bit. How about you give me the approximate size of the design and I’ll send you some? Drop me a mail? 🙂

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