New Camera

We had quite a crazy weekend, lots to blog about but I haven’t got the time to sit down to write it all down. I did get a new camera for my birthday and this morning we tried it out with Ally at the swimming pool.

I ended up with lots of shots of Ally's tummy, I really need to wear my goggles the next time

She loves the water!

My favourite shot

We were playing around pretending to be sea animals, Ally said ” look mama, I’m a dolphin, follow me!” and proceeded to jump in and out of the water. I did likewise and she said to me ” Mama, you’re not a dolphin, you’re a whale!” Matt and I couldn’t stop laughing!  Obviously no one told her that sometimes she needs to be a bit less honest.


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2 responses to “New Camera

  1. Jus

    Wow, underwater shots, cool! 🙂 The last shot was great!

    • The last shot was a lucky one, it was the only decent shot in a roll of 40. Still getting used to my new camera and without my goggles, I was as blind as a bat

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