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Bars and Boxes

Tuesdays are Ally’s gym days, it’s the one activity that the whole family looks forward to. Matt enjoys hanging out at the gym & chatting with Ally’s coach. I like the whole family orientated atmosphere but Max, he really looks forward to gym class cos he gets to explore the whole gym!

During the summer months, the gym is really quiet, lots of Ally’s classmates have gone back for their summer holidays. This gives Max a chance to crawl around, up and down and in and out of the equipment. He has taken an affinity to the bars, each time he’ll crawl under it, raise his hands and go “Ahhhh!”

Look Ma, one hand!

Max showing off his strength

It’s not surprising that Max loves the gym so much, he practically grew up there. I remember carrying him in his car seat while we watched Ally have her lesson. It’s a great place for him because everything is padded and there is so much to see and do. Unfortunately he’s too young for lessons at the moment but he’ll join Ally when he turns 2 and if he’s still interested at that age.

Ally on the bars, coincidentally, it's her favourite apparatus as well

Learning a new skill

After gym we headed over to Grandma’s for a yummy home cooked meal. The kids decided to take out some Duplo to play with but Max found the box was way more fun than the actual pieces.

The biggest Duplo piece in the box


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