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Ding Dong Bell

Ally had a little project that she had to do for her Kindermusik class. The task was to make an object that resembled a bell or sounded like one. The kids had to use things that they could find around the house.

When it comes to crafts, I’m not the most creative person, thankfully Matt is great at stuff like that.  He found a old plastic flower pot, a metal screw of some sort and some cable tie.

Our homemade bell

Ally loves to paint, we usually let her paint the bathroom walls before her bath since it makes clean up easier. More often than not, she paints with her fingers and ends up using her whole body as a canvas. I really like the washable paints from Crayola, they don’t stain clothes and are really easy to wash out. When it comes to art projects, I’ve learned through trial and error that it is best to have everything set up before hand. Ally has the attention of a flea, when everything is set up, all she has to do is get right to her task instead of waiting around for me to look for the materials.

All ready to paint her bell

She did a really great job, I just sat there and watched her. When it comes to art, I like her to do what she pleases, if she decides an elephant should be purple, then so be it.

Ally's finished bell, she decided to add the dinosaur sticker at the last minute

She’s so excited about taking it to class tomorrow to show her teacher!


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