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Art Attack!

We wanted to visit the Singapore Bird Park but the weather was miserable so we had to change our plans to something indoors. I’ve been wanting to check out the Art Garden at the Singapore Art Museum so we decided to head there instead.

Definitely not a day to be outdoors

It took us almost an hour to reach Queen’s Street, little did we know that there were floods around various parts of Singapore. We were very lucky to escape the massive traffic jam on the CTE.

The exhibition was really interesting, some were interactive, others had a strict “hands off ” policy. Needless to say the kids enjoyed those that they could touch, play or even throw.

Max checking out the grass

It was interesting, even for Max, there was a lot for him to touch, see and explore. I enjoyed watching the children take in the various exhibitions in their own ways.

Ally and her trees in "Walter's Garden"

There were some art and crafts stations where children could make little puppets or color butterflies.

We spent quite a while walking around and letting the children explore. After we were done, we decided to check out Food for Thought since it was just next door. Ally was yawning before the food came and sure enough, we drove home with 2 sleeping children, such bliss.


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