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She’s All Grown Up!

Ally attended her first ever unaccompanied class today. I was really nervous since she is so use to having at least one of us around during her classes. We prepped her about what to expect and reassured her that we’ll be right outside her class, which thankfully had a glass door so she could see us.

It did help that Ally has been attending Kindermusik since she was six months old. She is very familiar with the way the lessons are carried out as well as the teachers there. Once class started, she walked straight in and never looked back. I was more anxious than her but once I saw her happily waving goodbye to me, I knew she would be alright. I was really proud of her, she followed instructions, participated in all the activities and remembered her manners. Hopefully this will ease her transition into school when/if she starts next January.

Ally & her classmates waiting for their instruments

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