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The Joy of Bare feet

When Ally was a baby, I couldn’t resist buying those oh so cute baby booties. She had 4 pairs of shoes before she was 5 months old. Her outfits were always painstakingly coordinated from top to toe.  This obsession with dressing her up soon died off when I realised she really wasn’t a girly girl. Ally is happiest in a pair of shorts, singlet and bare feet. Yes, I have one of those children that dislikes wearing shoes. Unfortunately I’m the same.

And then we had Max. I’m not sure if it’s because boys clothes are more limited in choices or is it because we’re so busy juggling both children, but I never shopped for clothes for Max. We received a lot of nice hand me downs from friends which was fantastic since he grew so quickly the first four months. I never thought of putting on shoes for Max, not even socks. I figured when he starts walking, I’ll buy him a pair of shoes. Recently he has been wanting to cruise around while we’re out, the little man isn’t so contented to sit in his stroller anymore. I can’t let him walk around in his bare feet so I dug up a pair of old shoes and placed them on his feet. Well, you would have thought I tied weights to him! Suddenly his legs turned to jelly, they kept crossing over each other and he just looked so funny. He wasn’t used to wearing shoes and it took him a long time to figure it out. At any chance he had, he would try to remove them or chew them.

I’ve decided to buy Max a pair of soft leather shoes to help him get use to having something on his feet. But honestly, if I had a choice, I’ll go about bare footed everywhere as well. I think Ally sums it up best. When I asked her why she always kicked off her shoes, she said ” because it feels so much nicer and I can wiggle my toes”

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