Teething Woes

The teething bug has hit us again. Max is cutting three teeth at the same time and they seem to take forever to emerge. Unlike Ally who seemed to have no problem with teething, Max suffers terribly each time a new one cuts through. He is grumpy, fussy and grinds his teeth constantly resulting in a hair-raising noise that is easily the most annoying man-made sound ever.

I don’t like using teething gel on his gums so to help relief the itching, we usually keep a few frozen teethers in the freezer. When he was younger he preferred a cold cloth but for now, frozen teethers are his favourite. Another thing that he loves to chew on are teething biscuits, but not just any but Rafferty’s banana milk rusks. This proves that he really is a little monkey.

If he is as slow a teether as Ally, we’re going to be suffering from teething woes for a long time. At nearly 3, Ally still hasn’t got her full set of teeth, we’re missing 3 more molars.

A totally unrelated but very cute picture of Max


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  1. Jus

    Heee… your little boy is sure cute! And ah, teething. The nightmare of every parent! We love those frozen teethers too, they really are a lifesaver!

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