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Ally the trooper

We took Ally to see the ENT doctor today. Turns out she has fluid in her ear once again, in addition, her adenoids are enlarged as are her tonsils. It’s no wonder that she snores each time she sleeps. Ally is used to most ENT procedures, she is a professional at sitting during ear wax removal and hearing tests. Today, her doctor wanted to do an endoscopy to find out what’s going on inside her nasal passages. Besides a feeding tube insertion when she was a few hours old and a Ph probe for her GERD, she has never had a similar procedure.

The doctor explained that he was going to put a camera through her nose so that we could take a look inside. There was a television right in front of her which she was told to focus on. I held her tightly in my lap and reassured her. When she saw the scope coming towards her, she instinctively used her hands to swipe it away. The nurse and I had to hold her hands still while I kept telling her that it would be over soon. Ally was so brave, Matt said she had tears in her eyes but she sat so still without even a whimper. When I felt her struggle, I just told her to close her eyes while I sang her favourite Barney songs to her. The doctor and his staff were amazed at how cooperative she was during the entire consult. It broke my heart having to put her through all this but at least now we know how to proceed from here. I was so proud of her, she really is a trooper.

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