My brother, My sister

It always warms my heart to watch the two kids getting along so well with each other. Max loves looking at Ally in the car, we always catch him sneaking glances at her car seat during our journeys. On days that she’s off to grandma’s, he often looks at her empty car seat with a puzzled expression.

Ally loves bossing her little brother around, but she has endless patience for him and is the ever protective big sister. Last night we were playing with her wooden blocks, Max came over and knocked down her tower. Instead of getting angry with him, she just laughed. When I reprimanded him, she said to me “Mama, pork is just a baby , he doesn’t understand”  wise words from my 2 year old.

The other day we took the kids to the airport and decided to let them try out the battery operated cars. They each had their own car but Max ended up sitting with Ally as he got scared by himself. She kept one arm around him all the time, they looked so cute together!


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