A day across the causeway

Ally’s gym is having their term break this week so we decided to pay a visit to a friend of mine in JB. We left fairly early in the morning and thankfully, traffic was smooth at both checkpoints. The kids had a fun time visiting with Aunty S & baby Niki.

Both babies had a nice long nap

The weather was nice and cool, both Ally and Max managed to take their naps at Aunty S’s house. Once they woke up, we decided to do a little window shopping in JB. We drove to Tebrau City and look what we found in Jusco.There was a small arcade and within that arcade they had a play structure for toddlers. It cost RM 3 for 20 min so we let Ally spend some time playing inside. There were only 2 other children in there so it felt like she had the whole place to herself. In the meantime, this was what Max was doing……

yup, asleep again

After a quick dinner, we headed back to Singapore, blessed once again with smooth traffic at the customs. When you’re stuck in a car with a baby and a toddler, smooth traffic is always a bonus.


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