Operation Smile

Operation Smile is a charity that is very close to our hearts for obvious reasons.  They are a non-profit organisation that repairs childhood facial deformities like cleft lips & palates.

They had a charity car wash and carnival on Saturday so we took the kids down to show our support. There were a few rides and a couple of game stalls. The first thing that caught Ally’s eye was the mini Viking. She insisted that we had to have a go on it, I was worried that she would burst into tears once the ride started. I told her it was just like a big swing and after a while she began to really enjoy herself.

Ally insisted that I ride the Viking with her, despite my smile, I wasn't enjoying the ride much

The next thing that she wanted to try was the Zorb ball. Its like a huge ball which was placed on a pool of water and you had to run around inside to get it going. Sort of like a hamster ball. I was a bit hesitant to let her try it since it was scorching hot and I wasn’t sure if it would freak her out being in the ball all by herself. But Matt convinced me to let her give it a go and she bravely climbed into the ball while it was inflated.

Fully inflated and ready to go!

She really didn’t understand the concept of the whole thing, but it was great to see her trying something new.  Ally was wondering why she was floating on top of the water and yet, stayed dry.

This is pretty much the position she stayed in the entire time

After that she saw some paddle boats and decided to give that a go as well.

It was an extremely hot afternoon, we let her play a couple of games before we decided to head home. A fun afternoon for a very good cause!

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