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A rather unpleasant incident

We decided to take the kids to the newly open Woodlands Waterfront Park. The weather was perfect, nice and cool. What we didn’t expect was the number of people who had the same idea as us, the place was packed! I think just about every family living in the vicinity were at the park.

It was there that we encountered a rather nasty incident which has still left a bad taste in my mouth. We were at the playground and there were tons of kids running around. Ally and Max found one of those little ride on things with the springs on the bottom. It was then that Matt first noticed him hovering around us. The children were sitting together and I was busy trying to get a picture of them. Max started fussing so Matt took him off and left Ally alone. The man quickly snapped a picture of Ally on his mobile phone, right in front of us and walked off. Thinking nothing of it, I carried Ally down and she went off with grandma. Matt was rather suspicious of his intentions and continued to observe him. After a while, we realised that he was still hovering around the playground and only taking pictures of the little girls. Matt walked over to the man who quicken his steps the minute he saw Matt approaching him. Thankfully Matt grabbed his phone, found Ally’s picture and deleted it. I just can’t believe how bold the man was, in a crowded park, right in front of our eyes! Who knows what his intentions were but they can’t be good seeing as how he was only interested in the little girls.

Parents, please be very careful when you’re out with your kids. We tend to take it for granted that Singapore is a safe place, myself included. But there are sick perverts out there and we really need to be vigilant and protect our children.


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