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Kids Amaze

Grandpa decided to take Ally to Kids Amaze at Safra Jurong. Since it was a public holiday, all of us tagged along as well.

It was our first time at Safra Jurong and the building is pretty impressive. There were several dining options, a big swimming pool which included a toddler play area.

The first thing that greets you when you step into Kids Amaze is the noise. They have air guns that shoot little foam balls and man, are they noisy. But you get use to it after a while and it sorts of fades into the background. It is a huge setup, lots of slides and an extremely long tube slide which seemed like it would never end.

Ally and grandpa checking out the huge playscape

Once the crowd started coming in, the playscape became very stuffy. There are many levels to climb but its hard for parents to follow their toddlers as the climbing spaces are fairly small. There is only one way to go up and down, which makes this even harder. I had lots of smelly sock-clad feet in my face as I tried to keep up with Ally. Another point to note is the tunnel slides are extremely fast, we were informed of this when we bought the entrance ticket but even so, Ally ended up hitting her head against the side of the slide and ended up with quite a nasty bruise. Even though Matt was holding onto her, the slide was just too fast and windy.  There are other slides more suitable for toddlers and she had a fun time with those. I personally feel that its a great place for kids, during weekends and school holidays, it might be better suited for older children but I think during weekdays, the place is fairly empty and toddlers will have fun exploring the massive playscape. Only thing to take note of is to be very careful on the long slides. There is a very small play area for babies at the cafe. Max really enjoyed himself there though there weren’t many things for him to play with.

We left Kids Amaze and Ally had a swim with grandpa and Matt. Max, Grandma and myself hung out at the main building in the comfort of the aircon. There was a lady making animal balloons and the kids were lucky enough to receive one.

Max, grandma and his poodle

Ally in awe of the ballon sculptor

The kids enjoyed their morning out with their grandparents. They are so lucky to have such patient and hands-on grandparents who don’t mind squeezing through smelly sock infested playscapes just to have fun with the kids.

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