Eating out with the kids

We eat out fairly often and are always on the look out for family friendly restaurants that serve delicious and healthy fare. We happen to be at United Square yesterday evening & had a rather unpleasant at a so-called “family-friendly” restaurant which is famous for its desserts.

Service was appalling from the get go. We had to seat ourselves and I requested for 2 high chairs. We chose a table for 4, and I wanted to remove 2 chairs to fit the high chairs in. I was told that there was nowhere to move those chairs, even though the restaurant had a vast Al-fresco seating area that could easily fit those 2 unwanted chairs. I didn’t want to argue but the whole meal just went downhill from there. We were never offered water, not even the children. Half of the items on their kid’s menu was sold out and we were not informed of this till I tried ordering food for Ally only to be told that each item I picked was sold out. This wasn’t even conveyed to us politely, it was just ” oh sold out” .  What annoyed me most was as a family friendly restaurant, the staff still served hot food over my children. Since we were not allowed to remove the 2 chairs, they were seated at the head of the table along the aisle. How can anyone with common sense serve hot food over a baby and a toddler?

The bill took ages to come and when it did, it had a mistake which took a long time to correct. Wait staff were sullen and obviously unmotivated to work. It’s safe to say we’re not going back there anytime soon.

I did come across a rather interesting cafe. Petit Bowl offers fresh organic food for babies and toddlers. I ordered the beef casserole for Max which he loved. I tried it myself and it was really delicious. Of course it doesn’t come cheap but I did buy a tray of frozen meals to keep in the freezer in case of emergencies or when I’m too lazy to cook. The young girl who served me was polite, patient and ever so helpful, the highlight of my evening after our unpleasant dinner.

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