A Hairy Affair

We decided that Max was starting to look like a shaggy dog so a haircut was in order. We decided to take him to one of those places that solely for kids. We wanted him to have a pleasant experience at the hair salon so we didn’t mind paying a premium for it.

I actually like Max with his long hair, but it gets into his eyes and annoys him. We brought him to Junior League at United Square, thankfully it wasn’t crowded cos I’ve seen the queue during weekends.

Max was pretty good throughout the cut, he wasn’t interested in the Barney DVD that was playing, but still managed to sit fairly still. And now for the reveal…..

Max's new hairdo

I think he looks like a real little boy now, the shorter hair just makes him seem so grown up all of a sudden. I miss those baby locks….

Ally decided that she wanted to have her hair cut as well, we just got hers trimmed since she really doesn’t have a lot of hair. The hairdresser straighten her hair before her cut and we couldn’t help laughing at how different she looked.

Ally's straight hair!

After their hair cuts, Ally found one of those interactive screens at the mall.

Usually its pretty crowded and she would rather watch than join in. But it was empty today, with just two other girls playing. She had a fun time trying to stomp on the little moles that were popping out. As she gets older, we realise she’s beginning to become more sociable as well. I’m really happy that she’s not as shy as she used to be.

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One response to “A Hairy Affair

  1. linda

    I miss this 2 kids a lot.Even thought MAX cut his hair,he still look handsome n cute n ALLY too,I miss the way she call me AUNTIE LINDA n the way she talk. She is too CUTE………….TOO

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