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Cold Storage Kid’s Run 2010

Our morning didn’t start off particularly well, Ally woke up crying which is very unusual for her. She was also a bit clingy and whiny. Luckily after a quick shower her mood was a lot better and we were ready to go.

Max’s event was first, he was entered in the 800m stroller chase, this meant that he had to sit in his stroller while I pushed him for 800m. Sounds easy? Well, firstly there were lots of crying babies/toddlers around us. It was nap time for a lot of babies and the heat made a lot of them very irritable. I have to give it to Max, he sat in his stroller without a fuss, entertaining himself with a water bottle and his clip on fan.

Max wearing shoes for the 2nd time in his life. He kept trying to take them off

It was really hot, but thankfully there was a lovely breeze and I really enjoyed the stroller event.

Meanwhile, Ally and grandma were getting ready for their event. By now the sun was out in full force and Ally was starting to get tired.

waiting for her turn

waiting with grandma

hot and tired

Watching her slump against grandma, I seriously had my doubts if she would even last till her event. Anyway we had enough manpower to take turns carrying her if need be. She surprised all of us by getting a 2nd wind by the time her event came around.

Off they go!

Ally did really well, she was one of the youngest in her event and 800m is a really long distance for a 2 year old. She ran about half of it, walked a bit , was carried for a while and then ran again. We were so proud of her!

Grandma did a fantastic job cheering her on and encouraging her all of the way, we really enjoyed having her there.

taking a well deserved break

Overall the event was pretty well organised, crowd control was great , they made sure that the lanes were not overcrowded at any point in time. They even had cheerleaders at one end encouraging the kids on, I thought that was a nice touch. All the participants received medals which is always a big deal to the kids. We’ll definitely be back next year.

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