West Coast Park revisited & kite flying

We decided to head back to West Coast Park once again, our last visit was abruptly interrupted by a thunderstorm. Thankfully we didn’t have any rain today but the sun was scorching hot!

The big kids playground which I badly wanted to try out

Ally trying out the balance beams with some help from daddy

She's definitely Daddy's girl

Max and I were trying to hide in the shade of the trees, the poor boy started sweating two minutes after we got out of the car. He really needs a haircut!

The toddler play area

Max checking out the sandand deciding he doesnt quite like it

2 monkeys on the slide

It was really too hot to play so we headed to MacDonald’s for a drink and some food. On our way there, we saw a little girl standing all alone on the path of the park. She couldn’t have been older than 2, there she was, all by herself, looking lost. The park was rather quiet at that time so we just stayed near her to see if her mother was walking around looking for her. Nothing. I asked the little girl where her mum was but she couldn’t tell me. We had seen her at the toddler playground earlier, digging in the sand. She must have wandered off without her mother noticing.

I picked her up and carried her back to the playground while Matt walked around to look for her mother. Turns out, her mother was busy talking to her friend and hadn’t even realised that her daughter was missing! She look puzzled to see me carrying her child but was not overly concerned that her daughter had wandered off all by herself. Matt and I were really shocked by her rather blasé attitude towards the whole situation. What if someone had just come along and carried her daughter away? Or what if the little girl had walked into the car park which was just a few meters from where we found her? Even though Singapore is relatively safe, you really shouldn’t take such chances with your child.

The whole incident spoiled my mood for a bit, I didn’t dare to think what could have happened to that little girl.

Anyway, we decided to take our chance and try to fly Ally’s new kite. Let me explain the bad luck we have had with kite flying. The first time there was absolutely no wind, so we went back the next day and it was perfect kite flying weather. We managed to get the kite into the sky, only to be told shortly after by two police officers that we had to stop flying our kites since the army camp nearby was carrying out some air exercises . Today, we were lucky, it was perfect kite flying weather and there were no helicopters in sight.

Beautiful skies

Matt and Ally quickly took our her kite and within minutes, the kite was in the air. I , however, was stuck in the car .

My sleeping pork chop

Max had fallen asleep and we didn’t want to wake him up, thankfully it was so breezy so I just wound down all the car windows and people watched.

A flying sotong (squid)

Look how high her kite flew

Like any toddler, Ally’s attention span is all of twenty minutes. Once the kite was high up in the sky she started to get bored. By this time Max had woken up from his nap so he joined in the fun for a while.

Tired & thirsty after a long afternoon out

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