An Afternoon with the Pork Chop

Even though I really wish the kids would nap at the same time, it doesn’t happen often. Max is the unpredictable one so while Ally was napping, I borrowed Matt’s camera and got a little trigger happy taking snaps of our Pork Chop.

I think he's so adorable, but then again I'm biased

Love the toothy grin

Never too young to do housework

eewww, this water is filthy!



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2 responses to “An Afternoon with the Pork Chop

  1. gina

    u knoe max is very good looking…he is the kind of guy i always have crushes on…so laidback and easy.

  2. gina

    maybe i will have a crush on yr bro if i see him since u mentioned that max resembles him. kakakakkakakakaak…

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