In the last week, we noticed that Ally seemed to have difficulty hearing us. She would either give a blank expression when we spoke to her, or completely ignore us. I didn’t know if she was ignoring us on purpose, or if she honestly couldn’t hear us. Her next ENT appointment was miles away at the end of July.

Thankfully, we managed to get her in for a hearing test today. She has had hearing tests done numerous times so it wasn’t a big deal to her at all. ENT is one of the busiest clinics at KKH, appointments usually run late and the average waiting time is about an hour, that is if we’re lucky. We were just meant to see the audiologist which is usually pretty quick. The hearing test itself is pretty short, the tricky part about it is the child has to be absolutely quiet during the test. The minute the test was done, Ally announced ” the left ear is much better!” Which made the audiologist and I laugh. But I knew that meant she couldn’t hear very well through her right ear. Sure enough, there was quite a bit of wax build up in both ears, more in her right which is affecting her hearing.

ENT appointments are totally booked solid till her slot in July, even getting her in to see the audiologist required a little miracle. We’re not quite sure what our options are yet but if push comes to shove, I think we’ll be taking her to a private ENT doctor to get the wax cleaned out.

* You can read more about ear wax buildup here


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